Mid Suffolk District Council

Mid Suffolk District Council Elections 2011

Election candidates

The full candidate list (ordered by last name) for the elections is provided below. With scripting enabled in your browser, you can sort by any other column in ascending or descending order.

Last Name First Name(s) Area Party
Aalders-Dunthorne Andrew Fressingfield Lib Dem
Aalders-Dunthorne Kielen Worlingworth Lib Dem
Barker Roy Badwell Ash Conservative
Bennett Simon Bacton and Old Newton Conservative
Betts-Davies Gareth Stowmarket (Central) (2 seats) Green Party
Blakenham Michael Bramford and Blakenham (2 seats) Suffolk Together
Brett Linda Claydon and Barham (2 seats) Conservative
Brewster Gerard Stowmarket (South) (2 seats) Independent
Britton Suzanne Stowmarket (Central) (2 seats) Labour
Broadway Judith Woolpit Lib Dem
Burn David Palgrave Conservative
Burrows Paul Worlingworth Labour
Bush Gillian Thurston and Hessett (2 seats) UKIP
Byles Caroline Stowupland Conservative
Carlton-Walker Stephen Onehouse Conservative
Carr Merlin Eye Green Party
Chattington Jennifer Debenham Labour
Clayden Adrian Rattlesden Conservative
Cunningham Julian Elmswell and Norton (2 seats) Lib Dem
Curle John Stowmarket (Central) (2 seats) Lib Dem
Curran Marilyn Fressingfield Conservative
Curran Terence The Stonhams Conservative
Davis Twiggy Stowmarket (South) (2 seats) Green Party
Deeks Garry Fressingfield Labour
Dougall Eddie Rickinghall and Walsham (2 seats) Labour
Eburne Rachel Haughley and Wetherden Green Party
Ede Peter Eye Labour
Edwards Lorraine Hoxne Lib Dem
Elliot Tony Bramford and Blakenham (2 seats) Labour
Fairburn Shirley Claydon and Barham (2 seats) Suffolk Together
Fairweather Thomas Badwell Ash UKIP
Fearnley Brian Debenham Green Party
Field John Bramford and Blakenham (2 seats) Lib Dem
Field Kay Wetheringsett Lib Dem
Flatman Charles Eye Independent
Fleming Jessica Mendlesham Conservative
Fowler Anthony The Stonhams Lib Dem
Gath Ann Badwell Ash Lib Dem
Gemmill Stuart Stradbroke and Laxfield Independent
Gibson-Harries Liz Hoxne Conservative
Godden Patricia Ringshall Lib Dem
Green Gary Stowmarket (North) (3 seats) Conservative
Griffith David Stowmarket (Central) (2 seats) UKIP
Groundsell Colin Stowmarket (Central) (2 seats) Lib Dem
Guthrie Kathie Debenham Conservative
Guthrie Brian Palgrave Green Party
Haley Derrick Thurston and Hessett (2 seats) Conservative
Halton Elaine Palgrave Labour
Hardingham Nicholas The Stonhams Green Party
Hargrave James Stradbroke and Laxfield Lib Dem
Hawkins Ian Bacton and Old Newton UKIP
Hicks Jan The Stonhams Labour
Hicks Matthew Worlingworth Conservative
Hill David Needham Market (2 seats) Labour
Hinchliffe Geoff Hoxne Labour
Izod Jeremy Stowmarket (South) (2 seats) Labour
Kearsley Diana Gislingham Conservative
Kemplay David Thurston and Hessett (2 seats) Lib Dem
Lay Colin Stowmarket (North) (3 seats) UKIP
MacPherson Duncan Stowmarket (North) (3 seats) Labour
Mansel Sarah Elmswell and Norton (2 seats) Green Party
Marchant Wendy Needham Market (2 seats) Lib Dem
Martin Rebecca Mendlesham Labour
Matthissen John Onehouse Green Party
Mayes Lesley Stowmarket (Central) (2 seats) Conservative
Mellen Andrew Badwell Ash Green Party
Melvin Ray Woolpit Independent
Meudec Sophie Bramford and Blakenham (2 seats) Labour
Michell Sara Rickinghall and Walsham (2 seats) Conservative
Milward Carol Elmswell and Norton (2 seats) Lib Dem
Norris Mike Needham Market (2 seats) Lib Dem
O'Keefe Kevin Gislingham Labour
Osborne Derek Rickinghall and Walsham (2 seats) Conservative
Otton Penny Rattlesden Lib Dem
Palmer Geoffrey Thurston and Hessett (2 seats) UKIP
Passmore Tim Helmingham and Coddenham Conservative
Paterson Ged Gislingham Green Party
Payne David Barking and Somersham Lib Dem
Penny David Claydon and Barham (2 seats) Green Party
Powell Sam Thurston and Hessett (2 seats) Conservative
Ravenhill Marion Wetheringsett Labour
Redbond Martin Claydon and Barham (2 seats) Lib Dem
Robinson Poppy Stowmarket (Central) (2 seats) Conservative
Rozier Nigel Stowmarket (North) (3 seats) Green Party
Salmon Heather Elmswell and Norton (2 seats) Labour
Salmon Barry Woolpit Labour
Scarff Keith Stowmarket (South) (2 seats) Lib Dem
Scotford David Woolpit Green Party
Sharma Brij Stowmarket (North) (3 seats) Lib Dem
Smith Jeremy Barking and Somersham Conservative
Smith Brian Bramford and Blakenham (2 seats) Lib Dem
Smith Linda Gislingham Lib Dem
Snell Ronald Stowupland Labour
Spurling Martin Helmingham and Coddenham Lib Dem
Stanfield Xy Debenham Lib Dem
Stebbing John Rickinghall and Walsham (2 seats) Labour
Storey Jane Elmswell and Norton (2 seats) Conservative
Streatfield Samantha Needham Market (2 seats) UKIP
Streatfield Christopher Stowmarket (South) (2 seats) UKIP
Stringer Sarah Bacton and Old Newton Independent
Stringer Andrew Mendlesham Green Party
Theobald Craig Stowupland Green Party
Tilbury Charles Wetheringsett Conservative
Touman Mohammed Claydon and Barham (2 seats) Lib Dem
Truelove Julia Rickinghall and Walsham (2 seats) Lib Dem
Turner Nicky Onehouse Lib Dem
Turner Rachel Wetheringsett Green Party
Valladares Mark Stowupland Lib Dem
Vecchi Christopher Stowmarket (South) (2 seats) Lib Dem
Waspe Vera Stowmarket (South) (2 seats) Conservative
Welsby Kevin Bramford and Blakenham (2 seats) Conservative
Whitehead John Claydon and Barham (2 seats) Conservative
Whittle Frank Stowmarket (North) (3 seats) Conservative
Whybrow David Ringshall Conservative
Whybrow Anne Stowmarket (South) (2 seats) Conservative
Wilson Jennifer Claydon and Barham (2 seats) Labour
Wilson Terry Claydon and Barham (2 seats) Labour
Woodley Pete Stowmarket (North) (3 seats) Conservative
Wright Stephen Barking and Somersham Suffolk Together